Musical Adventures: Last Weeks of August

Hey friends!

I love listening to music, especially music that I’ve never heard before. New music–at least to me–is like going on an adventure; I never know what to expect from it. Sometimes I begin to listen to an album not knowing what to expect only to be blown away by it! Perfect example: Blind Pilot’s Album “3 Rounds And A Sound.” Easily one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Did go in expecting to hold it as one of my favorite albums of all time? No way, Jose. Would I have found this band if I wasn’t looking for new music to listen to? No way, Jose! That is why I LOVE listening to new music. It’s an adventure. I never know what will end up being my all-time favorite…

Here is my encouragement to you: Go and LISTEN TO MUSIC! Culture yourself. Find music that you’ve never listened to and listen to it. Don’t know where to start? Here are some good techniques:

  • Have your friends burn you a CD of their favorite songs.
  • If you have iTunes, use the Genius feature to help you find music that you might like.
  • Create a profile and browse other music profiles. Here’s mine.
  • Go to and see what the rest of the world is listening to.
  • Check out this crazy awesome online music player, Pandora. com.
  • You can even go to the library and check out the music collection there if you want. (Yes, I’ve actually done this before).

I’m telling you, you’ll be surprised at what you like.

Alright well that’s enough of my motivational monologue on the importance of listening to music. Below is the first of my bi-monthly (or monthly, I haven’t decided yet) posts on the music that I’ve added to my music library. My goal is to share with you what I’m listening to so you can be inspired to check some of it out.

  1. Andre Nickatina
  2. Arsonists Get All the Girls – Portals
  3. Black Kids – Partie Traumatic
  4. Copeland – Dressed Up & In Line,  Eat Sleep Repeat
  5. Drake – So Far Gone
  6. Dr. Dre – The Chronic, The Chronic 2001, The Chronicles
  7. Have Heart – The Things We Carry
  8. Incubus – Monuments and Melodies
  9. Islands – Arm’s Way
  10. Josh Rosenthal – Overture EP
  11. Kings of Leon – Only By the Night
  12. Leeland – Opposite Way, Love Is On the Move
  13. Matisyahu – The Place to Be
  14. MercyMe – All That is Within Me
  15. Mutemath – Armistice
  16. Needtobreathe – The Heat, The Outsiders, Daylight
  17. Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death
  18. Oceana – The Tide
  19. Rebelution – The Bright Side of Life
  20. Sanctus Real – We Need Each Other
  21. Set Your Goals – This Will Be the Death of Us
  22. Tech N9ne – Sickology 101
  23. The Unicorns – Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?
  24. Voxtrot – Raised By Wolves, Voxtrot

My favorites so far

  • Rebelution – The Bright Side of Life
  • Voxtrot – Raised By Wolves
  • Oceana – The Tide
  • Biggie – Life After Death
  • Keep listening friends,

    Chris “Stevie” Varela

    Coming soon – A post on how to use .rss feeds and other technology to further immerse yourself in the world of music.


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