What to Expect From “Music of My Mind”

HEY. This is the first post of chrisvarela.org. I hope you’re stoked for the awesome posts that are to come.

In case you were wondering, this is the process by which posts will be created:

  1. I find music that I think I’d like.
  2. Note on finding music– There are several ways of stumbling across new music. Some of the easiest ways are from Last.fm’s “Similar Artists” or iTunes’ “Listeners Also Bought” section on an album page, or from suggestions from other people.

  3. I add that music to my ever-growing music library.
  4. I listen to the music.
  5. I write posts about the music I’m listening to.

Pretty simple. Check out an example post from my old blog.
I’ll be writing posts similar to that one on a whole bunch of different bands. Check back probably like once a week and there should be a new post.


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