Phoenix Does a Takeaway Show!

Earlier this year, I first heard of and began listening to a band called Phoenix. Six months later, I’m watching a car commercial and I hear one of their songs (called “1901” in case you were wondering) being played during it. It’s so crazy how popular they are getting. I love it. These guys are legit. Their album, titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is way good. I strongly suggest you give it a listen. Oh yeah, did I mention they are French? Even more legit.

Anyway, there’s a website out there called Really cool site with lots of cool stuff, but the thing this site is known for are its Take-away shows, which are basically videos of bands playing their songs on the street. There’s over a 100 videos of bands taking the streets playing their songs in front of passersby. It’s tight.
Actually, one of my very first posts on my tumblr blog was of Beirut doing a Take-away show. Check that one out here. It’s one of my favorite Take-away shows.

So yeah, Phoenix did three separate take-away shows with lablogotheque. This one’s my favorite:

Aren’t they great.? I love this band. and this video. You should too.

Hunt Down Phoenix

(their myspace page is sick!)


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