THE Local Natives

Well, I have never become so enamored with a band as quickly as I have with The Local Natives.
They are an indie band from LA who have started to gain some popularity over the past year when they played a bunch of shows as an unsigned band and everyone was like “Hey, why aren’t these guys signed?”
They got signed and in November they released an album in the UK titled “Gorilla Manor.” I discovered it last week, and no joke have been listening to it non-stop. Gosh it’s really good. It’s a little on the experimental side, but not weird by any means. The percussion in particular stands out. I bet their drummer is outstanding live. Their harmonies are also great. You gotta check ’em out. Let me lead you in the right direction..

1. Listen to these two tracks (on myspace).

‘Wide Eyes’

2. Explore the Local Natives! Here are some good places to look. (The blog is legit.)

3a. Buy Their album online (it’s not out in the US yet!) HERE

3b. Youtube the Local Natives. There’s a ton of stuff of them there, like live performances, music videos, and other stuff. Their profile has some random funny videos too.

4. If you’ve made it this far, show your dying allegiance to them by becoming their facebook fan.

5. By now you’d be a hardcore fan, so you should be telling everyone about them! Or if you don’t want to do that, just tell everyone about this post and send them here. I could always use some traffic. šŸ™‚

Until next time, keep listening!


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