It’s All About the Breakbeat, Yo.

Want to explore a different genre? Check out the breakbeat genre. Some sick songs come from this genre and they are definitely worth giving a listen. I’ve been diggin it lately for sure. It has some techno roots, but don’t let that deter you! There are many forms of this broad genre, and i tend to like the super-sick hip hop/funk songs that fall under this genre. If you stick to artists like A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts and the like, you won’t be let down. That is, if you’re down with some funky beats.. but I’m sure you are.

Watch this video:

Other notable songs (Youtube links!):

A.Skills and Krafty Kuts – “Little Things”
All Good Funk Alliance – “Pete’s Sake”
Nas – “Nas is Like”
Fort Knox Five – “The Brazilian Hipster”
The Soul Searchers – “Ashley’s Roachclip”
(A sick oldie for good measure!)

It’s a little out there, I know. If you’re not down with it, it’s all good.. At least you explored it.

Keep Listening, my friends!


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