The Next Animal Collective

I do not know much about this band, but boy have they captured my attention! My bet is that it won’t be long before their modest 800,000 plays on explodes to 2 million or more within the next few months, because this album is just that good.

Delorean is their name, and they recently came out with a new ablum titled “Subiza.

If you liked Animal Collective’s “Strawberry Jam,” chances are that you’ll like Delorean as well.

Catchy beats, unique synth melodies, and smooth harmonies are all put together in this fantastic piece of indie electronic work. actually reviewed this album. They thought it was good.

Here’s a good one, called “Stay Close”

Get your hands on this album! you won’t be disappointed! Download the mp3 version here.

Keep Listening, friends!
Chris Varela


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