The Wild Hunt

Ok, Let’s address the elephant in the room: there is a YouTube video in this post. I know how it is (I’m guilty of doing this too!), you just want to skip past all this junk and play the video. You could do that if you want, but you’d be missing out on some quality information. For example:

  1. You wouldn’t know that I’ve written about this artist before. Read what I wrote about him by clicking HERE. For that matter, you wouldn’t know that I used to have another blog!
  2. You also wouldn’t know where to find this guy. Here’s where you can find him:
  3. You’d also miss out on this little tidbit of info:

One of my favorite artists of all time just came out with this one. Folky, Bob Dylan-esque, banjo player (on occasion), and lyrical genius can all be used to describe Mr. Kristian Matsson on “The Wild Hunt.” Building on his widely successful–and critically acclaimed–album, “Shallow Graves,” TMOE sings some more unique songs. One warning, there’s a bonus track featuring the piano.. not his best work, but surely a valiant effort.

WARNING: The Tallest Man on Earth is an acquired taste, and no doubt, many of you won’t give this guy a chance because of the way he sings. Trust me though, listen to this song a few times instead of casting him to the wayside.

I’m about to share with you my favorite song on his new album, but before I do, I’d like to thank you for sticking with me to the end. For those of you who didn’t, but for some reason are reading this sentence, please know that our friendship is over… Just kidding.

Without further ado, here’s your youtube video:

Final Verdict: If you liked “Shallow Graves,” you’ll love “The Wild Hunt.”

Chris Varela

PS – New Band of Horses album comes out this week!


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