My iPod is a Wonderland

I realized something yesterday: I’m obsessed with finding new music. I can’t even count how many times that I’ll get a new album, listen to it once or twice all the way through, then move on to the next new album. This is a problem.

I decided to confront my “album A.D.D.” by spending some quality time alone with my iPod. Now that finals are over and summer is here, how glorious it has been to dive into the giant pool of music that stands un-listened to on my ipod.

One such band whom I have indeed grown to love during this intimate time of bonding between my ipod and me is the Kings of Convenience.
It’s hard to pin this musical duo down to one genre because their style varies widely.

They’ve got some more upbeat, pop songs like this one:

They also have some super slow and mellow songs (Especially on their album “Quiet is the New Loud”, like this one:

The contrast is crazy. That’s why I like them. Give them a shot and let me know what you think.

KEEP Listening!!
Chris Varela

Find the Kings of Convenience:


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