They Write about Love

Hello there, listener. Let me tell you about a band..

Belle and Sebasatian has been the poster child for the indie-pop genre for years. After a long break between albums, they’ve finally come back to further solidify themselves as the embodiment of the genre. This album, “Belle and Sebastian Write About Love,” is so true to their style-(indie pop, obviously).
It’s so dang unique, oh my goodness. They add in sweet delay in their guitar riffs, electronic/synth undertones, and even surf rock style licks. So much fun to listen to. If I could describe it another way, I would call it 21st century 70s music. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that’s what they WANT you to think.

See for yourself. Watch this music video of my favorite song on their album.
Helpful viewing tip: Pay close attention to the sweet moves of the guy lead singer, it’s great.

I will also mention that there’s a song featuring the beautiful voice of Norah Jones. That is all. Go find them if you like them.

Chris Varela