If Only His Last Name Started with a “J”!

Peter Bradley Adams. Just one letter away from having the same initials as a delicious sandwich. Such a shame. But you know what’s not a shame? HIS MUSIC.

One of my good friends (Yes you, Nathan) introduced me to this guy last month and my ears haven’t been able to get enough since! (just look at my Last.fm profile and you’ll see exactly how much I’ve been listening to him)
Born and raised in Alabama, he is folk to the core. He has three albums out, all of which have a distinct folksy style to them. His latest, “Traces” is the one I’ve been all about lately. You’d like it..

Let his soothing voice and beautiful finger-picking swoon you, trust me on this one. You’ll see. Just one listen to the song “For you” should have you in a state of infatuation by the time it’s over.

Go and get “Traces.” Add it to your Christmas list or something. You could even buy it for one of your friends, then borrow it and put it on our computer.. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as you GET THAT ALBUM!!!!

Listen and decide for yourself. This is my favorite song by him:

Here are other notable songs from his album (links to youtube):
“Family Name”
“I Won’t”
“Heart of a Girl”

Seriously, get “Traces.”
Consider this gem of an artist my Christmas present to you. 🙂

Merry MUSIC-mas!
Chris Varela