Travis Oberg: Santa Cruz’s Finest

Travis Oberg is an excellent musician. I don’t know much about him because he’s not very popular (YET!), but I do know that his type of music is right up my alley, so you’ll love him too..
Travis Oberg = folk, harmonica, banjo, and a soothing voice. What more could there possibly be?
Coincidentally enough, he’s similar to Peter Bradley Adams. He incorporates a female vocalist in some sweet ways, just like PBA does. Gotta love that stuff.

I can’t find a good youtube video of one of his songs, so let me give you some instruction to listen to Mr. Oberg:

1. Go to
2. On the bottom left corner will be a music player. Go to the second song, titled “Redemption”
3. Listen to that song, and the others.
4. Buy his album..

That should be straight-forward enough for you to get a taste of his music.

I’ll let you do the rest of the exploring. Buy his album and support this man. He’s got some legit music.

These links should help:

Don’t Stop Listening!

Chris Varela