In Case You Missed It: Student Ministry Info Meeting


Sunday’s Student Ministry info meeting was a success! I want to extend a special thank you to all the parents, students, and other interested folks who came together to hear all about the high school and middle school ministry. In case you missed it, we talked about three things: The Who, The Why, and The What of the student Ministry. For the sake of conciseness and poignancy,  allow me to summarize…

Staff: The Who

It’s a special season for our Student Ministry intern staff. Such an experienced and knowledgeable team hasn’t existed! 4 College graduates—one an aerospace engineer, another a chemist, and two ministry experts with experiences beyond their years—working together to bring students closer to Jesus as they live out their calling to be ministers of the gospel. I couldn’t be happier with the good work they’re doing, which ranges from planning our weekly meetings, to meeting one-on-one with students.


When a senior graduates high school, they have become a fully-devoted follower of Christ, equipped to grow beyond our ministry.
This vision is what we believe our students could be and should be. We care about nothing more than helping students fully-devote their lives to Jesus; it’s what we are committed to. There is great joy in seeing a student graduate from high school knowing that they have a thriving and robust faith in Jesus. With this vision in mind, we propel ourselves forward knowing the potential our students have in pursuing Christ.



To teach & share the gospel, and to disciple & fellowship in the gospel by building Christ-centered relationships with students.
A strong desire our staff and leaders share is to model for students how Jesus lived his life. The four key words say it all: Teach, share, disciple, and fellowship. The framework in which we do ministry is summarized by those four words.



Building relationships is the key component to all programs, events, and activities.
Our programs are designed primarily to accomplish relational goals.

Asking the right questions, not giving the right answers.
Growth comes when students are free to think for themselves and explore faith without being given the answer. Offering the right answer is not the business we are in; but rather helping and aiding self-discovery through the likes of a well-thought question.

Integrating our students into ministries outside of their own.
Canyon Creek Church believes strongly in the power an intergenerational, multi-ethnic community has to communicate and live out the gospel. That truth does not end with the student ministry. Whether it be with the kids’ ministry or the widow’s ministry, we believe that teenagers should involve themselves in other areas of the larger church body.

The health of our community is greater than the growth and size of it.
The size of our middle school or high school group takes a backseat to other key factors relating to the health and stability of the group


The What: Our Programs & Events

Onto the tangible stuff now… The What. Our programs and events can be categorized into three main categories: Weekly events, trips & retreats, and leadership involvement.

View the High School fall calendar
View the Middle School fall calendar


Weekly Events

For high school, this is Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings at church. For middle school, it’s Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.

At these weekly meeting we play games, share in small groups, worship and listen to speakers. The mid-week meeting is a place where students can learn and know what it means to be a Christian on today’s high school campuses. It’s a great place to bring friends!


Trips & Retreats

Once a season, both middle school and high ministries pull away from the regular schedule to spend time  outside of San Ramon. These are opportunities for the students and their leaders to grow closer to each other and in their relationship with Jesus. This season’s trip is to Fall Frenzy weekend at Mount Hermon Camps. Register today!

Register for MIDDLE SCHOOL Fall Frenzy (pdf)
Register for HIGH SCHOOL Fall Frenzy (pdf)

Leadership Involvement

A third and highest level of involvement of our ministry is by choosing to commit to take that next step of leadership and growth in faith. This looks different for each individual and can range from joining a bible study, volunteering as a leader, teaching children on sunday morning, playing on the worship team, planning outreach events, or becoming a ministry intern.


There you have it!! Canyon Creek Church’s Student Ministry 101. I understand that there’s so much more to say about the who, why, and what of the ministry, (trust me, I had trouble keeping it from becoming a novel!), so if there’s anything you’d like to know about the middle school or high school ministry, don’t hesitate to reach out!

One more thing–stay current with us and subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates.

In Christ,
Chris Varela
Student Ministry


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